Saturday, June 27, 2015

Intern Graduation

Ron survived his year as a General Surgery Intern @ NMPC (as did both Aidan and I).  We are so very proud of all his hard work!  I really hope that he made a positive impact of the lives he helped throughout the year.  The military makes a big "ta do" about intern graduation.  So, there was an actual graduation ceremony w/all the military regalia and rituals.  It was quite the experience!

Friday, May 29, 2015


So, in May, we decided to make a trip down to Charleston, SC to visit my aunt and do a little site seeing.  We left on Thursday, May 21, our 11th wedding anniversary!  So, I would consider this vacation multi-tasking!  We had a lovely time!

Our first day there, my aunt recommended a lovely beach where we played in the water, ate sand in our sandwiches (ha ha ha) and spent some quality time together.  That evening we met my aunt for dinner.  It was the first time I had seen her since our wedding, 11 years prior.  It was a lone awaited reunion and I very much enjoyed visiting w/her!

Second day was jammed packed.  We first went to the South Carolina Aquarium, which I had visited 15 years ago when it first opened.  I had spent my first college Christmas break in Charleston, visiting this same aunt.  I enjoyed the aquarium as much this visit as the first.  Aidan also had a blast!

Later that afternoon Ron, Aidan and I took the boat out to Fort Sumter.  It was very wind that day, making a very cool and windy boat ride over.  But it was my first ever boat ride (and Aidan's too)!  So much fun looking and learning about American history.

Finally, Sunday, my aunt joined us on our adventure to Magnolia Plantation (actually located less than 10 min from her home).   The grounds were absolutely stunning!  So much vegetation.  We took a train ride (Aidan's favorite part) where we saw a lot of wildlife (including many napping gators)!  We were so sad to say good-bye to my aunt, but what amazing memories we went home with!

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Easter this year was an interesting experience.  The Oakleaf Club and NMCP (Naval Medical Center Portsmouth), where Dr Daddy works, puts on an Easter Egg Hunt.  You would think, being coastal Virginia, it would have been a beautiful, sunny day.  Not even close, for a minute there, I thought I had transported back to my Easter egg hunts in Montana.  So, very cold and windy.  The hospital is located on the water, so the wind come off the water was ridiculously bitter.  We didn't last long.  Thankfully, Aidan collected enough candy to appease his mommy!!

At least Easter it's self was a bit warmer and a sunny day!  Aidan received a treasure chest Easter basket and seem happy as a clam!