Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fun Fall Weekend!

This last weekend, was the absolutely most beautiful fall weekend I have seen in a long time. The weather and temperatures were perfect and we had lots of fun company to spend it with. Our friend Shaun came up from California with his girlfriend, Leah, whom he proposed to at Bryce Canyon! Anyhow, we had lots of dinners out, movie watching and just plain fun.

Friday night we had a mini-birthday part for Leah with Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

Saturday we went 4-wheeling with Shaun's sister's family and then had another birthday part & football game watching evening at Michele's house!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Mardi Gras Murder Mystery!

Well, we had another fun filled, birthday murder mystery party. This party was centered around a murder (Pierre DuPre was strangled with a set of Mardi Gras beads) at a Mardi Gras party (hence the beautifully decorated mask decorations)! This party celebrated Ron and our friend, Michele's, birthdays! Yvone made beautiful cakes for both birthday kids (Michele-purple cake with yellow flowers, Ron-brain cake). Below is a listing of the participants (and Ron was so excited about being the murderer this time):
Matthew Crovitz (boy from the Bayou/fisherman): Yvone
Alexi DuPre (Pierre's socialites daughter) : Yvone
Bourbon DuPre (jazz musician : Mike
Melissa DuPre (Pierre's new wife;tramp) : Michele
Connika Gothika (eccentric novelist) : Amanda
Stephen Peek (DuPre famiily attorney) : Ron
Cayenne Pepper (DuPre family chef) : Elbert
Elise St. Gresch (live in maid at DuPre Chateau) : LyndaAfter our dinner party, we went out into the hills and went shooting (our friend, Elbert, brought his brand new gun). What is more fun than good food, birthday cakes and guns! :-) Ha ha ha If you look at the background, you'll see Cache Valley at sunset...doesn't get much more beautiful than that!