Monday, February 25, 2013


Well, we finally had a test of winter yesterday! It snowed and blowed all day long. We decided to take Aidan out for his first snow experience. He didn't really seemed too impressed. Or maybe he was just upset because he couldn't move in his snowsuit! Oh, well....maybe he'll have more fun next time.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Yes, I realize I am behind. This is a constant at our home. I came to the conclusion today, that I would rather have a messy house if that means I get to play w/Aidan and enjoy all his exploring and giggling. Worth it to me! Anyhow...we spent Christmas in Boise w/Mema (Grandma Fenton). It was Aidan's first Christmas and he was loved by lots and lots of family! Let me tell you he enjoyed every single minute of it!
He started crawling right before we left, but decided not to do much at Mema's (but boy was he on the move when we got home). He did start pulling himself on any and every object he could get to though!
During my time off, Aidan enjoyed undecorating the Christmas tree!
Wrapping himself up in his blankets!
And helping mommy w/the laundry!