Saturday, July 27, 2013

4th of July

Ron had finally returned from his neurosurgery rotation in Tacoma, WA so we were able to at least enjoy one holiday with him. We spent the day with some of our med school friends eating treats and swimming at the pool! I spent the least amount of time in the pool and came home with the most significant sunburn. *sigh*

Father's Day Weekend

Well, we didn't get to celebrate Father's Day with Ron either, but sent him some treats in his suitcase to enjoy. We did get to spend the weekend with grandpa (my dad). This is the third year in a row my parents have been here for Father's Day. It was wonderful! The Saturday before we went to the Parker Days Parade.
Then on Father's Day dad and I went to see "Superman" and then had Cold Stone Ice Cream for dinner!

Aidan's 1st Birthday

Well, Ron missed Aidan's actual birthday, which was a bummer, but that is the life of a doctor's family. My parents were able to come visit and we decided to spend the day at Garden of the Gods. Too bad Aidan won't remember, it was such a fun day!

Aidan's 1st Birthday Party

I know everyone tells you not to go overboard for a 1st birthday as your child won't remember, but I will. So, we threw Aidan a birthday party. Ron was leaving the next day and was going to miss his actually birthday, so we threw the party early. My parents were able to come up and help us celebrate, while Ron's mom and his aunt watched via Skype. We invited a whole bunch of our friends and Ron's aunt & uncle...such a good time!
Costco Birthday Cake & Homemade Smash Cake
Birthday Fun
Birthday (Smash) Cake Time