Monday, January 7, 2013

First Airplane Ride

Aidan had his first airplane ride on Christmas Eve as we fly to Boise to see Mema (you'll understand the name if you're a fan of "Big Bang Theory")! I was super disappointed about spending Christmas Eve night at the airport, but we spent the evening together as a family. That is all that matters. So, we got Aidan to go go sleep before the airplane took off (of course it was running late as it had just started snowing & they had to deice it). Unfortunately, when we hit altitude he woke up screaming. Poor little guy, his ears probably popped. So we spent the remainder of the trip (hour and a half) with a happy/grouchy Aidan. I suppose it could have been worse. Thankfully the flight home was much better. He stayed awake during take off and seemed to doing pretty good, but then decided to nap the remainder of the trip! Thankfully both ways were very uneventful!