Friday, December 24, 2010

Wildland Experience

The Wildland Experience is just down the road from our house. I had heard the lights were amazing and so we decided to check it out. It was a cold evening, but it's not Christmas if it's not cold, right?!? Anyhow, we paid the fee and were disappointed to find out you could see all the lights from the road (for free). We will make sure to just drive by a couple times next year! ;-) But the lights were still pretty to look at!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Fun!

One of the clubs at Ron's school was putting on a Christmas craft day last weekend. I begged him to go w/me & my cuteness won him over! We both ended up having a really great time. We ran into several people we knew and had an overall pleasant morning. Anyhow, here are some pics of the yummy goodies we made!
Pine Cone Christmas Tree
Terracotta Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer!
One of a kind snowflake (meteorologists are good at creating those)!
Star of David & Frosty the Snowman!
Wreath Christmas card holder (already put to good use)

Christmas Party

One of the women I work with, Nancy, decided to throw a Christmas party last week. She invited several of the women from work! We had lots of yummy food and a gift exchange. Always a good time. It was nice to get to know these women outside the work environment. I would proudly call them my friends. The tall lady with the bright red hair, Danielle, recently left for an internship in Oregon. We have worked together since July and I am really going to miss her (but wish her the best of luck).

Friday, December 10, 2010

Navy Commissioning

Well, this post is about a month late. Ron went down to Denver on November 7 and was commissioned into the United States Navy as an Ensign. It was both an exciting and somewhat frightening day. We are so happy that Ron has decided to serve his country as a doctor and even happier that they will be paying for his schooling! On the other hand, this is a HUGE commitment and he will be required to serve for four years.

Here is a picture of us, after Ron is sworn in. My camera battery was completely dead when I pulled it out of my purse for pictures that day. Thankfully, they have a camera on hand for such events (hence, the reason for the late posting). I have also included a picture of the beautiful plaque they awarded Ron.

Monday, November 1, 2010


So, try as I might I was unable to find a theme for Ron and I to dress up like. So, he went as a mad scientist (too perfect I think) and I went as cute little red riding hood! On Friday night our friends, the Helm's, went to our church Fall Festival where Ron and their daughter Aliana won the cake walk! :-) Saturday was Ron's Fall Festival at RVU and both of us worked at booths (Ron got credit hours for it, I was a volunteer). I must admit there were some very clever costumes. And then we attend the Helm's church Fall Festival. So lots of activities & no trick-or-treaters Sunday night. Sad...more candy for me I suppose! :-)
Alaina & I

Two "sisters" witches & a witch in training

Little Red Riding Hood & Mad Scientist

Sunday, October 3, 2010

And this is what was waiting for me...

For those of you who know me well, this picture won't shock you. You've seen all the wonderful stuffed animals my husband has bought me over the years. We have still not found them a home yet in our apartment, so they live in a box. Ron informed me that the black dog in front is the ring leader and the he (Ron) had absolutely nothing to do w/them all suddenly appearing in the bathroom staring at me as I exited the shower! Ah, the fun & exciting life of a Fenton! :-)

Friday, September 3, 2010

St Mary's Glacier

We finally got to experience some of the beautiful Colorado scenery we have heard so much about! One of Ron's friends from school, Andy, and his fiance Kay took us for this very nice hike! The first area you get to is a beautiful lake. Then if you are still wanting more you can hike to the top of the glacier where people are skiing/snowboarding down it! Such a beautiful area! I am most definitely a fan of Colorado!


Almost the top of the glacier


Castle Rock

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Max got in on my senior pictures!!

So, I got a sad phone call from home this afternoon. My mom and dad had to put down the family dog, Max. He was so old and so sick, that they finally decided this was his best option. :-( He has been a part of our family for almost 12 years and we've estimated he was about 17 yrs old (in doggie years). He came into our family at a really difficult time, right before my brother was diagnosed w/a brain tumor (my senior year of high school). We believe that Max was meant to be a part of our family. During that period before my brother was diagnosed he spent a lot of time running away from home. One winter day he got lost in the woods, and later told us that a black dog brought him back into town. Well, after we went looking to adopt a dog we found Max at PAWS and Louie instantly took a liking to was almost if they had seen each other before and had this special bond. We later determined that this was the same dog that saved my brother. So, we have a special place in our heart for him! He was such a good doggie, always lending an ear when you needed a good cry and always willing to give you a lick (whether you wanted it or not). My doggie, Max, is going to be sadly missed (my mother was crying when she called me...I knew deep down she loved him even though she always told us she didn't like him (and then would pat him on the head when we weren't looking))...but we know he is happy in doggie heaven! "All Dogs Go to Heaven", right?!?! :-)

Friday, August 6, 2010

White Coat Ceremony

Ron's white coat ceremony for Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine (RVUCOM) was last weekend. Most MD schools do their white coat ceremony during graduation, but the DO schools do it before the first day of class because the students start working w/patients their third years. It's a neat ceremony where the students announces their name, where they received their most recent degree (Ron was not the most educated, but pretty close) and whether or not they've received a scholarship. By a scholarship, I mean whether or not they've joined the military and received a scholarship from them to pay for school. For those of you who don't know, Ron has decided to join the Navy to pay for school. He is almost officially accepted but they have some medical paperwork left to finish and then he has to be commissioned by the Secretary of Defense. But he's as good as in. He will be receiving the HPSP (Health Professional Scholarship Program) and will have school paid in full, a signing bonus and monthly stipend. He will owe the Navy four years after his residency. Anyhow, it was a nice a day & I've posted a few pictures. He moved way too fast at the actually ceremony and the lighting was too dim to get pictures, so we took a few outside afterward.
I am definitely struggling wit their only being mountains to our west, so I made sure we had them in our picture!

He's so cute! I told him he needed a good Facebook profile picture!!

Friday, July 16, 2010


So, this last week we went to the downtown Aquarium w/our friend, Hannah. Ron and got stuck in rush hour traffic, so the usual 20 min drive took us over an hour and a half (thanks to an accident on the side of the road). I am so glad that I will not be commuting to Denver (at least for the time being). Don't get me wrong, I love aquariums, but the price was a bit steep for how small the aquarium actually was. I was a bit disappointed, but I was also spoiled by visiting the most amazing aquarium in South Carolina. If you have kids, I would recommend it (again, be warned, the price is a bit steep) but otherwise you could take it or leave it. I am glad that we are visiting all these fun places in Denver. I am really loving the area and all it has to offer!

Who doesn't love seahorses...they are such amazing creatures!

There is a tiger in this display (see next picture). In theory it's a neat idea...realistically, I bet he hates it, since I'm sure they frown upon eating the fish!!! :-)

I love turtles...but Ron won't let me get one!

Find Nemo!


By this picture, Ron was ready to take my camera & throw it in one of the tanks! Spoil sport! ;-)

There are sharks in the tank behind us!

The jellyfish were soooo cool!