Friday, July 16, 2010


So, this last week we went to the downtown Aquarium w/our friend, Hannah. Ron and got stuck in rush hour traffic, so the usual 20 min drive took us over an hour and a half (thanks to an accident on the side of the road). I am so glad that I will not be commuting to Denver (at least for the time being). Don't get me wrong, I love aquariums, but the price was a bit steep for how small the aquarium actually was. I was a bit disappointed, but I was also spoiled by visiting the most amazing aquarium in South Carolina. If you have kids, I would recommend it (again, be warned, the price is a bit steep) but otherwise you could take it or leave it. I am glad that we are visiting all these fun places in Denver. I am really loving the area and all it has to offer!

Who doesn't love seahorses...they are such amazing creatures!

There is a tiger in this display (see next picture). In theory it's a neat idea...realistically, I bet he hates it, since I'm sure they frown upon eating the fish!!! :-)

I love turtles...but Ron won't let me get one!

Find Nemo!


By this picture, Ron was ready to take my camera & throw it in one of the tanks! Spoil sport! ;-)

There are sharks in the tank behind us!

The jellyfish were soooo cool!

Denver Zoo

Alright folks, just stick w/me...we are slowly making our way through all the fun "tourist traps" here in the Denver area. We made it to the Denver Zoo during the 4th of July weekend (and yes I know I'm still behind on my posts). Our friends, John & Sarah (and little Samuel), (whom we know from Logan) invited us to join them! Anyhow, this zoo this pretty great...not as HUGE as the San Deigo Zoo, but most definitely worth the time! If you ever get the chance to make it down to Denver, I definitely recommend it!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Colorado Rockies Game

We were crazy busy 4th of July weekend! Ron's Uncle Bob got us tickets to the Rockies vs Giants game on Saturday night (w/fireworks afterward). I love baseball games; the atmosphere, the food, etc.! We had such a fun evening! And the fireworks show was absolutely incredible! We decided not to drive to downtown Denver (cost of parking, the probability of finding parking and finally the ability to get home before 2 am), so we took the light rail. For those of you from Utah, it's a mix between the new train and the TRAX system! Very cool! :-)
Outside Coors Field!

Dinger-the Rockies mascot

Play ball!

Double rainbow!

The classic baseball picture!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Big Move

We were crazy busy before the move. I went home to MT to visit the folks and my younger brother. Here is a picture of us crazy kids! ;-)

I also made sure to have lunch w/my friend, Nancy, one last time before moving!

I didn't realize how much crap we had. Ugh! A medium sized moving van, my car went for a ride on the trailer (she's really showing her age and we were concerned about her breaking down on the highway)...and then I drove the Toyota!!

Bye bye Logan!

We have officially been here in Parker, Colorado for two weeks now! We've have a two bedroom/two bath apartment which is about 3/4 unpacked and I'm still unemployed. Oh, boy. Ron starts school the beginning of August, but has orientation the last week of July. He is so excited to be here and is so excited to start classes. I love it here too, but wish I could find a job ASAP. But anyhow, for your viewing enjoyment, I have posted a few pictures of our work-in-progress!!!
Our brand new couch/love seat! Love them!!

Our dining room (I hate having carpet in a dining room)!

Our kitchen (larger than the Towhouse, a dishwasher but fewer cabinets...there is just no winning)!!

Our bedroom (it has a walk-in closet (left) & attached bath (right))!

Spare bedroom (a.k.a. room where we hide what we don't know what to do with)!!

View from our balcony (at least I can't complain about the gas station being too far away)!! he he he

One of our many furry neighbors!!!

A cute couple taking a walk down one of the many beautiful walking trails!!!