Friday, July 22, 2011

Beautiful in Blue

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! Well, sort of. We have been in process of talking about and looking for a new car for me for over a year now. My poor Grand Am was not aging well and was starting to become somewhat of a hazard to drive (not only that, but fixing her was becoming more expensive than she was worth). So, a bittersweet moment when I had to say "good bye" to her, but "hello" to my beautiful NEW 2011 Toyota Rav4! I am totally in love with this vehicle, what more can I say?!?!?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Coming Home

My naval officer is coming home tonight! :-) He's been gone for five weeks at Officer Development School in Rhode Island. The first couple weeks without him were pretty rough, but I have grown to enjoy my "me" time. I am so proud of his commitment and looking forward to our move to the beach after medical school! Love you Ronnie!