Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

Well, Christmas is my very favorite holiday!! I was so excited for the holiday season to begin, until I found out Ron would be in Michigan until Dec 27. What a downer. :-( BUT, Aidan and I tried very hard to make the best of it.
Dressing up for Christmas parties was a must!
The weather was crazy warm, so we spent quite a bit of time outside walking or at the park.
We definitely hung out with as many friends as possible. We enjoyed the Parker Carriage Parade with several of them. One of our college friends was in town and made sure to spend some time with us, even though Ron was not here. Such a sweet guy!
We had several opportunities to celebrate Christmas early. Thanks to friends and family Aidan was spoiled rotten with many train gifts. Choo Choo!!
THANKFULLY, daddy was let go early and arrived home late Dec 23!! We were elated that we would get to spend both Christmas Eve and Christmas with him. I became even more thankful Christmas Eve night when I came down with the awful, no good stomach bug Aidan had a couple weeks prior. Ugh. Sure am glad daddy could help Aidan celebrate Christmas morning!!!