Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time Managment

Okay, I am going to bore you w/another comical description of my life (and Ron's when he was in school). If you were wondering why it seems like it takes forever for graduate students to finish! :-)

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year's 2010

New Year's Day was yet another very cold, sunny day in NE Montana. Since it has been many years since many of us have lived in Montana, or in very small towns we did not realize the town would shut down that day and that finding lunch would be quite the challenge. Thankfully we found a small family owned cafe in a small gas station open and more than willing to feed us five starving 20-year olds! We spent the remainder of the day inside enjoy each others company and avoiding the very cold temperatures. That -37 F I mentioned earlier occurred this evening...and let me tell you, that is cold! When your nose hairs are freezing and it hurts to breathe, you know it's cold! Even with the cold temperatures they had a beautiful ceremony in the Lutheran church, sparklers afterwards and a funfilled reception that followed. By the way, the attire for the wedding was dress pants covering snowboots! Can you say styling!!! :-) We were definitely ready to go back to warmer temperatures the next day!
Sparklers following the ceremony

The beautiful group of people I spent the last few days with!

The beauties!!

The gentlemen (including the groom)

Sabrina and I just couldn't choose (vanilla, chocolate or red velvet)

Us with the bride and groom (Russell feeling like he needs to shrink down to fit in)!

The boys doing the dollar dance w/the groom!

The prefect wedding date :-)

The prefect ending to a perfect day!

New Year's Eve 2009

Well, we spent another New Year's Eve/New Year's Day attending a wedding. This year we drove about 16 hours up to Northeastern Montana, Scobey, to attend the wedding of our college friend, Russell and his wife Melinda. Battling near whiteout conditions, a tiny town that closes down on New Year's Day (and the closest larger town is nearly half an hour away) and temperatures that dip down to a frigid -37 F (that includes the windchill) we still managed to have a spectacular time. On New Year's Eve went spent the day bowling and hanging out w/our friends JL, Tye and Sabrina.

That evening was the rehearsal dinner which included a very tasty roast pig! And then a quick jog to our car as the winds were blowing and the temperatures were dipping in the negative double digits.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Christmas this year was a bit more complicated than usual. Ron had to work most of that week and only had Christmas Day off. So, I went up to Boise a couple days early to spend time w/his mom, and Ron came up late, late, late Christmas Eve and then left the morning after Christmas. Ugh! But, we had still all had a nice time together. My mother-in-law of course was thrilled to see us as we don't get up there much! Hopefully all my blogging friends also had a family and funfilled Christmas holiday!
Here is my Christmas tree w/my new Precious Moments angle tree topper!

Ronnie and I!

Mother-in-law, Ronnie and me

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our New Toy

We finally gave up on Ron's car. When his parents first gave us the car they told us there was a problem, something was draining the battery and no one could figure out what the cause was. As long as we ran it every couple of days there shouldn't be a problem. Well, that worked the first year. Last year we had to drive it every other day or the battery would be dead. Last year the radio and cd player also quit working (apparently the electrical short was now affecting those). This year, if we don't drive it every day (and sometimes if we do) the car would be dead. So, we've be looking around the last month or so and last week we found IT!!! We finally decided on a 2005 Toyota Tacoma double cab and we love it. We would have never made it up to Montana last week had we not had our 4-wheel drive...greatest invention ever! What a great investment we are beyond excited! :-)