Saturday, February 8, 2014


I keep telling Ron that we never go do anything. I kept rubbing it in, UNTIL, he took me to do something! We took Aidan for his first first time BOWLING!! So fun! We had to wait for a lane to open up, so they gave us a pass to play a couple of the games in the arcade. Aidan enjoyed touching all the games, especially anything car related. He finally rode one of the motorcycle games with daddy. I'm not sure he knew what to think.
When a lane finally opened up Aidan could hardly wait to run around and do whatever it was we were going to do. The first time he got out on the floor he fell smack on his butt. Daddy dragged him over to where they could push the ball down the lane. He spent most of the game sliding around on the floor. He and daddy did pretty good together, even getting a couple strikes. Aidan was so attentive, always watching and waiting for his ball to come back! Hopefully we will do this again!!