Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Beachy Adventures

I told Ron when he was preparing to apply for residencies, to be happy I either wanted to live in the mountains or near the beach!  I got the beach and I LOVE it here!  What is even more fun, is there are some days throughout the Fall where the temperatures reach a balmy 70 degrees, screaming out for a beach day!  And there is no one on the beach, we have it to ourselves.  So we walked in the water & did some shell hunting!  Just the sounds of the waves are incredibly relaxing!
Buckroe Beach

Fort Story Lighthouse
 The Cape Henry Lighthouse stands near the "First Landing" site of the Jamestown settlers, and was authorized by George Washington and overseen by Alexander Hamilton. Completed in 1792, the construction of the Cape Henry Lighthouse was one of the first acts of the newly formed Federal government.The lighthouse was active use for nearly a century before being replaced by a new cast iron lighthouse still standing nearby. It is one of the oldest surviving lighthouses in the United States.  (

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Busch Gardens

As active duty military (and family) we are allowed free tickets one day a year to go enjoy Busch Gardens.  Woot!  Due to the intense and brutal nature of a general surgery internship year, they required the interns to take a day off and go enjoy their free tickets (mind you, either you went and played or stayed and worked....hard choice).  So, we went w/Ron.  Ron went off w/the interns and enjoy all the big scary rides.  Which was fine by me as I am not much into the scary ride.  Aidan and I went and enjoyed all the children's rides, including riding the train around the park twice.  Aidan's favorite ride (outside the train) were the bumper cars (which he was NOT very good at, but quite entertaining & the horses).  Funny kid!  It was only a few weeks before Halloween so the park was decorated as such!


Ron was gone the entire week before Halloween for C4 training (combat casualty).  So, Aidan and I did our best to make the most of the holiday season!
YMCA Frankenfest
Halloween donuts
Raking leaves for a pumpkin bag


Trick-or-treating at NMCP w/daddy (Mommy is Izzy, Aidan is Jake, Daddy is boring)

Monday, December 29, 2014

Fall Activities

The weather in Virginia, during the Fall months, has proven to be beautiful and warm.  We had many different outdoor adventures.  I had been dreaming about the changing of the leaves since we moved here in June! 

Oakleaf Hike - Newport News
The spouse club I am a part of went for a hike on a beautiful Fall day, up in the backwoods.  Ron had the day off and decided to join us!  What beautiful scenery, weather and company!

Bergey's Breadbasket
Aidan and I joined the Oakleaf Tots for a morning at the Farm.  We went for a tractor ride, went through both a soybean & corn maze and then played on the little tractors (I think that was Aidan's favorite part)!

Clark Farms
We originally went here w/my MOPS group as a playdate!  We took a hay ride and picked up our very first pumpkin of the season!  The second time we went, we took the very same hay ride, but they let us take a spin on the tractor.  Aidan is very much in love w/the tractors!!