Sunday, April 5, 2015


Easter this year was an interesting experience.  The Oakleaf Club and NMCP (Naval Medical Center Portsmouth), where Dr Daddy works, puts on an Easter Egg Hunt.  You would think, being coastal Virginia, it would have been a beautiful, sunny day.  Not even close, for a minute there, I thought I had transported back to my Easter egg hunts in Montana.  So, very cold and windy.  The hospital is located on the water, so the wind come off the water was ridiculously bitter.  We didn't last long.  Thankfully, Aidan collected enough candy to appease his mommy!!

At least Easter it's self was a bit warmer and a sunny day!  Aidan received a treasure chest Easter basket and seem happy as a clam!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dining Out

This Navy social event had been anxiously awaited all year!  It's the one time ALL the interns get together for socializing, laughing, pomp & circumstance and food!  It's the Intern Dining Out.  They held it at a reception hall near the USS Wisconsin, meaning it was right on the water.  The walls were all windows and the view at sunset and after dark was more spectacular than I can describe (I wish I had taken more pictures).  There was a lot of formality to the dinner (being it was a Navy event and all), but I think that was my absolute favorite part.  It was just so much fun and much awaited evening out for Ron and I.  I think we may try to attend the Navy Ball next year!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Believe it or not, coastal Virginia does receive snow!  I was thrilled, everyone else panicked.  Oh, good grief.  People here lose their minds.  Ron happened to be on a rotation where he ended up w/three days off.  Thank goodness.  I know he can drive in snow, but no one else can.  Aidan and I enjoyed our snow days!!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Train Show

There was a massive train show held up in Hampton, not long after Christmas.  I was ecstatic to take Aidan.  Even Ron was able to go with us.  There were vendors selling trains and accessories, displays of personally owned trains, several different trains Aidan could ride.  As far as I could tell, it was Aidan's definition of heaven!  We all had a great time!  Now, getting Aidan to leave and go home....well, that was entirely another story!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

I bought Aidan a train to go under the tree this year!  So excited!  My dad always put one under the tree for us growing up.  His was special though, he got a new piece every year for Christmas.  It's a very old, very special train set and I will always cherish those memories.  Anyhow, back to Aidan's train set.  I think he destroyed it by day 3, too much excitement and just wouldn't leave the thing alone.  Maybe next year.

Christmas pictures w/Santa.  Total disaster again this year.  Aidan, was of course, still terrified of him.  Refused to sit on his lap.  He finally sat on my lap, then sat came and posed w/us.  Not even going to bother next year.  We'll go back to Bass Pro Shop as they had fun Christmas activities, but not dealing w/Santa, unless Aidan shows interest.

We went to a live Nativity Scene at the Assembly of God church just down the road.  Aidan loved all the wild animals.

Ron somehow managed to have both Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day off!  Woot!  Totallly unexpected for intern year, but what a pleasant surprise.  I was so excited this year, we bought Aidan a play grill and used money from the grandparents to buy a scooter and helmet.  I couldn't wait for Christmas morning!  Woot!  Of course Aidan loved his present, but by the time he had opened, like 3, he was totally over whelmed, only wanted to play w/the open ones, and wanted nothing to do w/any more present or us for that matter.  Oh, well.