Saturday, August 23, 2014

Aidan's 2nd Birthday

So, we had a Thomas the Train birthday party for Aidan the weekend of graduation so all the grandparents would be able to participate.  We had no idea where or what we would be doing on Aidan's actual birthday (June 4).  Well, we arrived in VA on June 1 and decided to celebrate Aidan's birthday at the Virginia Aquarium and then the beach!  Aidan enjoyed all the fish at the aquarium, but who wouldn't, right?

After we finished at the aquarium, we grabbed some lunch and decided to head to Virginia Beach (literally just down the street).  Aidan LOVES the water, so we thought this would be right down his alley.  Well, he wasn't real fond of the hot sand (me either) and was fine with the ocean until a wave knocked him over (Dr Daddy was holding on to him, but it still scared him).  Then he decided to just play in the sand.  Overall, a super fun way to celebrate my sweet, little boy's birthday!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

10th Anniversary

I should have posted this BEFORE our moving post...but I am forgetful! Anyhow, we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on May 21! Wow! Cannot believe we have been married for 10 years (together for 13th)! You really get to know a person (good & bad) in that amount of time. My mother in law was here through the morning of our anniversary, so we decided to celebrate a day early and leave Aidan with her to have a Mema-Aidan date! They of course had a blast, as did we! I had a coupon for dinner @ the Melting Pot in Lakewood. It's a fondue restaurant, so you start out with a salad, then move onto the cheese course, then the meat course & finally dessert (and a bottle of wine)! Well, we made reservations, get seated and then were promptly forgot about (we had to make early reservations, 4:30 pm, to use the coupon). Well, Ron finally went out to find our serves and he said they freaked out and scattered in all directions to get us a server! So, on top of our coupon we received our dessert on the house, a $100+ meal for just around $60! Woot!
I stole these questions from one of my girlfriends blogs who also recently celebrated her 10th anniversary(thanks Kali). Since Dr. Daddy is often MIA, I will answer them. Maybe someday we can find a minute & I can get his answers too!
 1. What has brought you closer together this year? Graduating medical school & a cross country move to Virginia.
 2. What is your favorite memory of this year together? Medical school graduation, surrounded by friends & family!
 3. If you could relive any day of this past year, what would it be? Halloween! Ron came back from being gone for four months of away rotations and was able to take Aidan trick-or-treating!
 4. What is the best thing about being married? Having someone to share in the good, bad & ugly things in life!
 5. Anything shocking you have learned about your spouse? I never imagined he would become a doctor, let alone join the Navy!
 6. What is a bonus quality you didn't know about your spouse until this year? I always knew he was a caring person, but reading his surveys from practice exams they take during medical school, I learned he is a very sincere, honest and caring individual.
 7. What is one of your favorite personality traits of your spouse? He is very funny & has a very calming personality trait.
 8. What are some of the most memorable moments you have had in the last 10 years? Any and all graduations, birth of Aidan, the death of his father (and how he was not only a calming factor for his mother, but also a take charge kind of guy), many visits to zoos, aquariums and museums; many, many moves.
  9. Most memorable trips? Several trips to Seattle, delayed honeymoon to southern California, Rockies and; Broncos games, move to Virginia
10. What is something you have learned from your spouse? Learning to remain calm in high pressure situations & to live each day w/out looking too far into the future!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Cross Country Move

In December, when we found out we would be moving to Virginia after graduation, I was both hesitant and excited. I was super excited to live so close to the beach, rent a house and just have an exciting new year exploring the east coast. I was NOT so excited about being soooooo far away from our families and the very, very, VERY long (26 hours, turned into 4 days) drive. Ugh. But, the day came, our house has been packed up by the moving company. Who then did not actually schedule us movers. *sigh* The moving company finally sent someone over (as we already had plans to leave the next day) to pack up our boxes and store them until a driver was found (this then turned into a 3 week disaster before ever receiving our belongs...but that is a long story, saved for another post). Anyhow, our 4 day drive included the following states, filled with many exciting adventures: KANSAS



Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Aidan's 2nd Birthday Party

Since it was not enough to celebrate Ron's graduation from medical school & Aidan's dedication, we decided to have a birthday party on top of everything! We knew we would be in the moving process during Aidan's actual birthday and had no idea where we would be or what we would be doing. We also knew our family was with us and there is no better time to party! So, this year we themed it Thomas the Train. Aidan LOVES trains...I cannot emphasis enough just how much he loves trains! So, we blue cupcakes with Thomas cupcake holders & candy toppers. We had lots of fun train toys to give him (and so did everyone else). He received a Thomas tent from Ron and I. He made everyone sit inside it and read books with him (boy was it hot inside)! While opening his presents, he would yell the entire time he was ripping the paper. Hilarious I tell you! Of course (and as usual) he made out like a bandit!!