Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ron's Master's Graduation!

What a fun day! My parents came up from Montana and Ron's mom, aunt and uncle all came up from Idaho for the day! My mom and I spent the morning preparing a super fun lunch for everyone before heading over to the Spectrum for graduation. Graduation only lasted an hour and half, which made all involved very happy! We took lots of good pictures (and have lots of good memories). We enjoyed Dairy Queen cake after graduation and then steak for dinner! Plus, lots of fun conversation and a few good laughs! Enjoy all the picture, I am sure it will be obvious how happy we are for Ron. All his hard work and persistence finally paid off and he now official has his Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering!!!

The USU site just put up a scrapbook of the 2008 Graduate Ceremony...Ron has a couple pictures in there so you should take a look: