Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Daddy was in Portsmouth, VA for Labor Day weekend so it was just Aidan and I. The SAA organization at our school did a group event at the Cherry Creek Reservoir! That was a ton of fun Aidan had a blast playing in the sand with his new (dollar store) sand toys and "swimming" in the water. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed the company of my girlfriend.
The next day, I won the "mother of the year" award & our first visit to the children's ER. *sigh* It was Sunday morning and I was doing my hair so we could go to church. I left the straightener on and the bathroom door open as I was just going to take Aidan out of his high chair. Of course he made a mess so I cleaned up his chair and he made his way into the bathroom and grabbed the hot straightener. Worst little cry in pain ever. Called the nurse line, since he had a blister the size of his thumb they had me go to the ER. Of course that is an experience in itself as the doctor gives you the look and asks you some worrisome questions (I was hysterical and explained Ron had already been gone a month...I think they got the hint I didn't hurt Aidan). They bandaged both hands and then they made an appointment for us to go to the burn unit at Children's Hospital as they were concerned about the joints healing correctly. So, we went to our appointment, they broke the blister and put on a cast so it would health and not get infected. Worst week every. Thankfully Aidan has healed beautifully!
On Labor Day we met some friends in downtown Denver for a picnic and a day at the Nature & Science Museum. For a one year old Aidan did pretty good. He did seem to enjoy the space exhibits and dinosaurs (who doesn't like dinosaurs, right)?! Of course my favorite exhibit was the Egyptian exhibit, just wish it had been larger. Overall, super fun day!