Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We Are Moving To....

Parker, Colorado will be where we call home. Rocky Vista University called Ron Monday night and told him they really liked him, enjoyed his interview, felt he more than exceeded their expectations and really wanted him to attend their school...BUT!!! Just as they were preparing to send out his acceptance letter, all the students paid there deposits filling the class up completely unexpected by RVUCOM. So, AGAIN, (in a sense) we are on another waiting list, but the silver-lining is that he is early accepted in the 2010 medical school class. (By the way, if I didn't mention it, Ron is also on the waiting list at the University of Utah.) Anyhow, if any of the students choose not to attend there, Ron will be accepted for the class of 2009, otherwise we have an entire year to figure out what to do with ourselves, until August 2010 when Ron can start classes. In the meantime, I am job hunting for meteorology jobs in the Denver area (with no success) and have now started looking for any jobs that pay well enough for us to live on. Life has a tendency to be wonderful, yet cruel all at the same time. Please keep us in our prayers that things will turn out for the best even if they end up being a bit different than expected.

I Am Famous!!

Go check out:

This is my first weather forecast for the tv station! I will tell you that it isn't perfect, but was so exciting! My original career choice had been broadcast meteorology, so this is a dream come true! For those of you who would like to be a part of my forecast, send me any of your super fun pictures of Cache Valley. We would like to put them up! Let me know what you think! :-)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Baby Animal Days

I took advantage of the Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center this weekend! They had baby cows, horses, ducks, chicks, bunnies, etc! So cute! As well as lots of history to enjoy! Reminds me a lot of Grant Kohrs Ranch back home in Deer Lodge! What a fun experience! I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Medical School Interviews

Ron has been keeping busy the last few weeks interviewing at DO schools. Last weekend he was in Parker, Colorado interviewing with Rocky Vista University.

This weekend he will be down in Yakima, Washington interviewing at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences.

Ron was put on the wait list at the University of Utah. They refuse to tell him where on this list he sits. So, we are moving on and hoping he is accepted to one of the DO schools. We are hoping to hear back from Arizona and Colorado by the end of this week. Maybe we will finally know where life is taking us.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Award Winning Poster

As the title states, I have an award winning poster. I created a scientific poster to enter into the Graduate Research Symposium on Wednesday (April 1) and the Spring Runoff Conference (April 2-3), both of which were held on the USU campus. My poster consisted of my thesis research so far. For the Graduate Research Symposium your posters are judged per college (I am in the College of Agriculture). As a nice surprise (and a definite boost in my self-confidence) I was awarded first place in the College of Agriculture. This comes with both prestige and a monetary award! What a great experience.