Saturday, April 30, 2011


Well, this post has started out entirely different than I had planned. Instead, I am going to post some pictures of the family we got to see and tell you about the castle in Logan!

Castle Manor ( is obviously a very beautiful building, but definitely seems a little out of the ordinary in Hyde Park. From what I understand they opened w/in the last year, explaining why most of us never knew about it. The spiral staircase inside is incredible and the landscape is beautiful! You'll see some of what I'm talking about in the background of my pics.
It was wonderful to see Ron's family again. It has been almost a year since we've been able to get together with them. So, we took lots of pictures to commemorate it.Mother-in-law (Pam), Tifni & Auntie Sandy
Uncle Dale, Matt (brother-in-law) & Auntie Sandy
Me, Ron, Matt, Uncle Bob, Aunt Peggy & Pam
Me, Ron & MattPam, Ron & me
Finally, I have to share some of my favorite Ronnie and me moments! Am I lucky to have such a wonderful guy, or what!?!?!

You can't forget a classic Facebook pose (w/the most beautiful mountains ever in the background!!!)

Friday, April 22, 2011


To all my Logan friends: I bet you didn't know there is a castle in Logan.
Castle Manor (explanation and updates to come...I PROMISE)!!!