Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lynda's Murder Mystery Birthday Party!

What a better way to celebrate your 26th birthday than a Murder Mystery party (and no I wasn't the murderer)!! :-) Our friends threw quite a party! A super yummy dinner consisting of shrimp, fruit & dip, potatoes and roast and of course the birthday cake (purple Hawaiian flower)! The title of our party was "Lethal Luau" so of course it was themed in Hawaii! Our characters were:
Nadia : swimsuit model (Michelle)
Joey : bodacious surfer dude (Yvone)
Holly : wealthy socialite (me)
Chief Wiki-Wiki: tribal chief (Mike)
Leilani : Hawaiian hula dancer (Amanda)
Les : camera-toting, befuddled tourist (Ron)
As a funny side note, my character was married to a billionaire. Her husband died and she hid it so she could continue to live in luxury. Ron's character escaped from prison!! Joey was the murder! Here are some super fun pictures (and a movie) of how I spent my 26th birthday! Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Celebration!!!

Summer birthdays are really starting to pop up! Our friend, Amanda, invited us to join in on their family birthday celebration (as we are practically family anyhow). So, we helped decorate the park and then enjoyed the dutchoven upsidedown pineapple cake and water balloon fight! There were close to a dozen cousins all running around screaming and having a great time! Ron, of course, is just one of the kids and they all love him! I can't think of a better way to spend an evening, than with friends!

Summer Flower Garden

The last two summer's I felt motivated to grow flowers outside our apartment. Since we have to pay if we want a garden, I decided to buy a few pots to grow my beautiful flowers. Last year I grew sunflowers (my favorites, of course) , which I later came to find out where supposed to be taller than me and really shouldn't be restricted to pots...but they thrived anyhow! This year I decided to plant some wildflowers, as they were supposed to be tall enough to thrive in pots! Both years my flowers have turned out beautiful! Here are some pictures to enjoy!