Saturday, December 22, 2012


Well, he didn't seem scared of Santa, but I'm not sure what he thought! See for yourself!

Parade of Lights

This year we decided to check out the parade of lights on 16th St in downtown Denver! We met up with some college friends from Montana Tech and had a great time! It was probably 40 degrees that night, perfect parade watching weather!

Gobble Gobble

Monday, December 3, 2012


Halloween wasn't really a big deal around here this year. Ron was on his trauma surgery rotation that month, so we saw very little of him. Then, Aidan shared hand, foot and mouth with both of us. Worst. Disease. Ever. The sores, the fever, the itching...what a nightmare. So, as you can tell, we just really didn't have the energy for Halloween. friend (my first college roommate) Kami and I took Aidan to the Botanical Gardens, where they had some fun Halloween activities. It was a crazy hot day and all the corn looked dead, so we decided to only go on the hayride and skip the corn maze. Aidan seemed to love walking around out in the sunshine.
I did take Aidan to the Fall Festival up at Ron's school. We dressed him as Dr. Aidan.
On Halloween, his daycare has a parade where all the kids dress up and walk around the building (other than the infants of course). Ron and I were both able to make the parade and Ron walked him around the building. I call this a complete success!